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Felix Tech is the inevitable evolution in the ever changing and challenging digital world.

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With an easy direct monthly billing cycle in a 24-month contract, Felix provides the tiered pricing levels depending on the following end user packages:

HouseKat (Family Edition)

Incorporates the Trust and Supervision without IPS with 5 WiFi licenses.

HouseKat (Solo Edition)

Incorporates the IPS without Trust and Supervision with 5 WiFi licenses.

HouseKat (Absolute Edition)

Entire package with 10 WiFi licenses.

Best Security
on the market

Felix has ingeniously, removed the technological barriers of security integration by ensuring all technologies speak with each other in a seamless manner for the average Joe and Jane to decipher. The development and integration of the Felix security technologies into a single cloud solution, today offers the following as part of our game changing and disruptive technology


Felix Tech's aim is to provide Enterprise Security to large and small enterprise environments, for their employees's both at work, home and while travelling. Felix also has the added bonus of providing protection for the family.

Creative Design/

The flagship of the Felix Tech lineup - Felix Gateway was designed to protect you and keep you looking stylish

Modern Look/

Designed from the ground up by Felix designers to make it fresh and modern

Minimal Layout/

Takes up very little space on the desk, or in the bag for travel

/Increased visibility

The Felix device enables you full visibility and control over any device connected to Felix

/Ready Everywhere

Felix's portability ensures you can stay protected anywhere

/Clean Code

Clean and efficient code created to operate smoothly and prevent detriment of current Internet performance

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Felix Gateway

Felix is INTUITIVE. By using the intuitive Felix Cyber Dashboard and Interface, security managers via the SoC, employees or staff can simply view all of what your staff or their children are doing or have been doing on the Internet, the attacks Felix has blocked and other potentially suspicious activity attempting to evade or lurking within your network.

699 +


1999 +


199 +


10 +


Felix Dashboard

The luxury of Intelligence for the consumer, SMB or SME is highly invaluable and advantageous. It provides the owner the ability to have all data in a single Dashboard, which make it easier to spot trends, and patterns that are out of the ordinary in your network.

FreELIX Also Available

More information on FreELIX and setting it up for your device - Slide you mouse over the black bar.

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