Vopium Pay – Easy to transfer and Easy to collect.

Vopium Pay Money Transfer Services

Easy to transfer Easy to collect

  • It's Free
  • Great Exchange rate
  • Secure Payment using NemID
  • Real-time update of Money transfer status

Why Vopium Pay

Vopium Pay enables instant remittance transfers from the ease of your mobile phone. Forget about finding an agent or paying high commission and Forex rates. You can download Vopium Pay app for free, create a quick profile and send money using your debit/credit anytime, from anywhere at minimal or very low charges. Creating a beneficiary is quick and easy with Vopium Pay secured payment through Denmark's trusted and most used digital signature by using NemID.


It's Free

Free download and quick sign-up with simple profile creation process.

24x7 Customer care

Vopium Pay provides extensive 24x7 Customer Care services to assist you on your needs.

Option to choose

Transfer the money using VISA/ MASTERCARD. Beneficiary can choose to collect the cash from counters or get home delivery or transferred to mobile wallet*
(Coming soon)

Transfer Anytime, Anywhere, Faster, Secure and Safe

Transfer the money from anywhere anytime using Vopium Pay smartphone application. NemID and card verifications make your payments safe and secure. Proper verification is done by our partners to make sure the cash transfer is done to right person. Money transfer happens almost instantly.

Real-time Notifications

From your mobile, stay updated on your cash payment status. Save your history transfers Real-time visual indication, status, and money transfers.


Download Vopium Pay app from Apple Store or Google Play

Payment method

You can send money using the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard.

Cash collection centres

Your beneficiary can collect cash from any of the branches of below banks and Post offices in Pakistan.

Contact us

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